Invitation to a Mandarava Brunch in the Jura - with the opportunity for a walk

For the Mandarava Ganapuja / brunch on 25 September 2022, Alexandre Egorov invites us to his chalet in Près d'Orvin, in the middle of the beautiful Jura landscape.

Because it is not so easy to find, we will meet in the nearby village of Orvin.


How to get to the meeting place
From Zürich: direction Biel/ Bienne, before Biel direction Delémont, after two short tunnels drive right, direction Frinvillier and Orvin.

We meet in Orvin on the first small square, there is also a bus stop, and at the left side you can see the (fine) bakery La Brioche ( are open on Sunday! We meet there at 11:00h.


First we do the Mandarava Ganapuja and brunch. Then, depending on the weather, we can go for a walk from there, it is a beautiful and special landscape.

We hope to see a lot of you. Pray for good weather!

Warm regards from Zhiwaling Gakyil
Adrian, Doro, Sabine


Alexandre's website:

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