The Swiss Community, German Part

The Dzogchen Community of Switzerland is made up of a group of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu's students. The objective of the community is to organize common practices and courses of the Dzogchen teachings received from our Master.
Who can become a member?
Those people who wish to follow and apply the teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and have had a welcome card for three consecutive years.

What is a Welcome Card and how can I get one?
Rinpoche asked us to make sure that people have participated in Dzogchen Community activities for at least three consecutive years before becoming a member. For this reason we offer the Welcome Card to perspective members. The Welcome Card is intended as a “pass” which enables the holder to access the facilities of the Dzogchen Community and to participate in its activities. Subscribing to this “pass” for three consecutive years is also a prerequisite requested for becoming a member of the IDC.
To apply for a Welcome Card simply send an email to with your name and address plus a brief description of your motive for joining. Your membership will become valid once your subscription has been received. The subscription fee is the same as the fee for any level of membership.
Why is there a subscription fee?
Your subscription contributes towards financing the infrastructure and activities of the Dzogchen Community both nationally and internationally. Several levels of membership are available according to preference and ability to pay. Members of the Dzogchen Community Switzerland automatically become members of the International Dzogchen Community and receive various benefits according to their membership level, for example discounts on the cost of retreats and workshops.