Emotional Awareness

Creative Ways of Working With Our Emotions


A weekend course with Elio Guarisco
23–25 April 2021,
Landguet Ried, Niederwangen BE
Introductory lecture in Haus der Religionen, Room Buddhistisches Zentrum, Bern

Elio Guarisco
Elio Guarisco

Emotions are our inner wealth, the tools for our evolution, but they can also have a detrimental effect on our psychological and physical health. We cannot ignore them yet it would be hazardous to just follow them.
Depending on our level of maturity we can deal with them in a different way.
In this course we shall explore and experiment ways to deal with emotions based on the techniques and knowledge that come primarily from Mindfulness and Dzogchen Meditation.


Course information
Course in English with German translation.


Introductory lecture Emotional Awareness, Friday 23rd April 2021 19:00–21:00, is in a different place:

Haus der Religionen, Room Buddhistisches Zentrum (IBVB), Europaplatz 1, 3008 Berne, Switzerland

This lecture can be attended independently from the course in Landguet Ried.
Free admission – donations welcome.


Weekend course

Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th: 10:00–12:00 and 15:00–17:00

Course costs:
CHF 150.00 (without meals and lodging)
For members and participants with reduction CHF 120.00 (students and retired persons, with ID).

Registration with registration form at Zhiwaling gakyil@zhiwaling.ch


Please book meals and accommodation directly with Landguet Ried.
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Harnessing Inner Resources

The ability to work with our emotions is the core of self-evolution. How can we work with them in a practical way?
We are always struggling with things to do, with relations with people, and with health issues. To deal with these we need to expand and activate our inner resources, our psychological resources, our inner strengths.

Which are these resources?

The first inner resource is to understand and experience what is mindfulness, being aware of the outer and inner worlds.
The second resource is to remain connected with our physical existence, with our body.
The third resource is to understand the dynamics of attention and to be able to govern our attention.
The fourth resource is to reset your mind state through breathing.
The fifth resource is to deeply relax body, breathing and mind.
The sixth resource is to install in oneself positive states of mind.
The seventh resource is to feel the support of another person.
The eighth resource is working with perceived enemies.
The ninth resource is to acquire emotional intelligence in dealing with emotions.


More in detail: When we explore and learn to understand human emotions, we can learn various useful ways to deal with them. The most profound way is to recognize or ‘see through’ our emotions without acting on the emotions themselves. In this approach, as soon as an emotion arises, we simply notice it, we observe its condition, and by understanding that we do not need to be conditioned by it, it naturally dissolves. This approach requires maturity and presence of mind, and represents a means towards evolving our full potentiality as individuals.


The tenth resource is to develop intent.
The eleventh resource is resilience.
The twelfth resource is to do things selflessly.
The thirteenth resource is gratitude.
The fourteenth is understanding the dimension of others.
The fifteenth is to be at the centre of one’s dimension.

There are different approaches that depend of the level of individual maturity of a person. Elio Guarisco will present explanations and concrete exercises.